We provide a Christian Retreat Center where life changing decisions for both adults and youths can be made in a wholesome environment, away from the temptations of the world. We serve as a refueling station for Christians by providing clean sleeping & meeting facilities as well as delicious meals to all. We will provide a refreshing retreat experience for all guests who come, and a quiet & safe environment for groups up to 200 people. Youth, adults, church groups, church staff, choirs, schools, scouts, home schooling groups, military, and other Christian groups are all welcome. We require a minimum of 20 participants.


Covid-19 Waiver

***Please see "Forms" for the new Covid-19 Waiver.  Print off and copy to all retreatants and sponsors prior to coming for your retreat.  

We are open

We are open.  Please be encouraged that camping is open and that Jen and I are making great strides in making El Shaddai as safe as we can make it.  Don't hesitate to call and double check with us.  I have also created a Covid-19 document found under our forms section listing all the great changes we are making to ensure as much sterility as possible.

Take care and stay safe.

Jen and Mark

Contract verification

All groups should make sure to submit their rental agreement (and deposit if not on file) for 2020.  Dates are filling up quickly, and reservations are not guaranteed until proper paperwork is on file. Please give us a call! 

Retreat Schedule Needed

Please send a copy of your schedule for your booked retreat no later than TWO WEEKS prior to arrival.  

Payment Reminder

**All payments are due prior to departure.**